Articles of association for Nysted Business & Tourist Association CVR 27664318

§ 1: Name, purpose and domicile.

The name of the association is "Nysted Erhvervs- & Turistforening".

The purpose of the association is to advertise the city and its catchment area externally as a business, trade, holiday and excursion destination, as well as internally to promote Nysted as a business, trading experience and well-being area for local citizens.


§ 2: Members. As members of the association, you can choose between 5 categories of membership.

A. Business and tourism, full-time member:

Businesses, institutions and organizations with an interest in or connection to business/tourism in Nysted.

B. Business and tourism, part-time member:

Businesses etc. which have limited opening hours, corresponding to a maximum of 20 hours per week or a maximum of 3 1/2 month annually.

C. Associations:

Associations that wish to support the association's objectives and activities.

eg. Landowner associations, sports associations, social or cultural associations etc. Associations can, by agreement, have mutual membership.

D. Citizen:

Individuals with an interest in business/tourism and the development of Nysted and its surroundings.

E. Activity Members:

the right to vote at the general meeting, but where other legislation requires association membership (e.g. flag group)

Refusal of admission or exclusion of a member - when special reasons justify this - can be decided by the board. The board's decision can be brought before the next ordinary general meeting for review by the person concerned.


§ 3: Quota

The quota is determined by the general meeting for each financial year and falls due as of 1 February. The board collects dues once a year. The treasurer keeps accounts of expenses and income. Member administrator updates member list.

The quota is divided into:

A membership for full-time Business and Tourism,

B membership for part-time Business and Tourist members,

C membership for associations,

D membership for individuals with a special interest in tourism E membership for active people.


§ 4: Board of Directors

The board has the day-to-day management of the association and represents it in all matters.

The board consists of 5 people who are elected from among the members. Those elected have a mandate for 2 years. The board constitutes itself with a chairman, deputy chairman, secretary and determines its own rules of procedure.

The board is only competent to make decisions when at least 3 members are present. In the event of a tie, the Chairman has the casting vote.

The board handles the association's tasks. The elected persons have a mandate for 2 years (with departure 3 and 2). At the same time, 2 deputies are elected with a mandate for 1 year.


§ 5: Ordinary general meeting.

The general assembly is the highest authority in all the association's affairs. The ordinary general meeting, which is held before the end of the first quarter of the year, is called with at least 14 days' notice by sending

email/Facebook. Statutes can be viewed on the association's website Nysted.dk.

The vote at the general meeting is held by persons / companies who have registered before the end of the previous financial year and who can present a valid receipt for membership in the calendar year in which the general meeting is held.

The right to vote at the general meeting can be exercised by proxy, however, so that the proxy is given to another member entitled to vote, and so that each member present can only bring 1 proxy. A members have two votes, B members have two votes, C and D members have one vote and E members have no voting rights.

The agenda for the general meeting must include at least the following items:

  1. Selection of conductor.
  2. Election of tellers.
  3. The board's / chairman's report for the past year.
  4. Presentation of accounts for the past year for approval.
  5. Processing of received proposals.
  6. Determination of quota for the coming year.
  7. Election of board members and alternates for this purpose.
  8. Election of 2 attachment inspectors and 2 deputies.

Proposals that are to be put forward for consideration or voting at the ordinary general meeting must be sent in writing to the board of directors and be received by the board no later than 1 February, so that proposals can be sent together with the notice of the general meeting.

The general meeting takes decisions by simple majority vote. In the event of a tie, a proposal is considered to have lapsed.

If a member so wishes, votes are taken in writing. A ballot is invalid if it contains information other than what the vote is about.

Minutes are kept of negotiations and decisions. The report is signed by the conductor.


§ 6: Extraordinary general meeting.

An extraordinary general meeting can be called by the board of directors at any time, and must be called when at least 20 % of the members make demands to the board in writing - with a motivated agenda.

An extraordinary general meeting is called, with at least 14 days' notice, by e-mail to all members containing the agenda.


§ 7: Accounting and auditing.

The association's accounting and dues year is the calendar year.

The association's treasurer is appointed annually by the board. Operating accounts and status are endorsed by the auditors elected at the general meeting.

The accounts are submitted to the ordinary general meeting for approval. The accounts must be audited by 2 general meeting-elected critical auditors, who are chosen from among members outside the board.


§ 8: Termination

Termination of the association must be done with 3 months' prior written notice. If a member has incurred 1 year's arrears, that person is automatically excluded, and the arrears are sought to be recovered.


§ 9: Subscription right

The association is signed by the chairman and a board member.

In all matters relating to the purchase, sale or mortgaging of real estate, the association is signed by the chairman and 3 board members.

Taking out loans must be approved by a majority of the board.

Issuance of loans to third parties requires the approval of the chairman and a majority of the board.


§ 10: Amendments to the articles of association.

Amendments to these articles of association require approval at an ordinary general meeting with 2/3 of the votes cast.


§ 11: If resolution.

The dissolution of the association requires approval at an ordinary general meeting with a 2/3 majority among all members. If this majority is not achieved, the board is entitled to call an extraordinary general meeting, at which the dissolution can be adopted with a 2/3 majority of the members present.

Upon dissolution of the association, the association's assets may only be used for activities in accordance with the association's purpose.

Adopted at the general meeting in Nysted on 21 March 2023


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