When hunger strikes and the palate needs pampering, Nysted has several cozy eateries and cafés to choose from.

Read more about the restaurants, menu and opening times below.

Nysted fun facts

Did you know that up until the 17th century, Nakskov was the only town on Lolland and Falster that was bigger than Nysted?

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Fallback medlemsbillede
Nysted Slagteren
Gr. Torv 6, 4880 Nysted
Tel. 54871076
villa marina billede
Villa Marina Nysted
Adelgade 56, Nysted 4880
Tel. 29299672
Fallback medlemsbillede
Kettinge Assembly Hall
Grønnegadevej 9, 4892 Kettinge
Tel. 54873626
Coffee & Cakes
Adelgade 68, 4880 Nysted
Tel. 21489044
Fallback medlemsbillede
The Old Warehouse
Adelgade 40, 4880 Nysted
Tel. 56180200
Adelgade 54, 4880 Nysted
Nysted Mole
Nysted Mole Ice Cream and Grill
Strandvejen 12, 4880 Nysted
Tel. 22953651
The Cottage_Billede
The Cottage
Skansevej 19, 4880 Nysted
Tel. 54871887
Cafe sand billede
Café Sand
Strandvejen 16, 4880 Nysted
Tel. 46462602
Nysted Wine
Slotsgade 1, 4880 Nysted
Tel. 53348006
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Events and arrangements in Nysted

May 2024

26May11:0016:00Bird and garden day

27May17:0019:00Board meeting of the Nysted Business and Tourist Association

30MayAll dayWhat else is happening in Nysted? - Forwarding to KultuNaut

June 2024

02june15:0018:00Concert: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Villa Marina

08june19:3021:30Fernisation with concert for flute and organ, Orgelmuseet

11june10:0013:00Walking on the trail of the Franciscans, Nysted Church

July 2024

20june(June 20)13:0029Aug(Aug 29)16:00Tour of the Museum, Museum Aarestrup's house

20june(June 20)14:0029Aug(Aug 29)16:00Open museum: Discover and play, the Organ Museum

30juneAll dayWhat else is happening in Nysted? - Forwarding to KultuNaut

Nysted fun facts

Did you know that every year Nysted holds the Shark Cutter Regatta, where the beautiful shark cutters, which can be recognized by their characteristic steep bow, a low freeboard, slim lines and a long rounded projecting stern, come from home - and abroad and dock in Nysted Harbor to the regatta on the 1st weekend in August? The entire harbor exudes life and a maritime atmosphere with music, food and sailing trips and entertainment for the children.