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Adelgade 48, 4880 Nysted
STARTS 2 Aug 2024 14:00
ENDS 2 Aug 17:00

Varnishing with smaller works, Atelier Inge Hørup

Varnishing with smaller works

Atelier Inge Hørup opens the doors to vernissage with smaller works. Come and see the many paintings and meet the artist behind them. Everyone is welcome.

Throughout the summer there will be an exhibition in the studio. Atelier Inge Hørup is open from 27 June – 30 August at: 14 – 17. Mondays and Tuesdays closed.

Inge Hørup works primarily with painting, graphics, and to a lesser extent with sculptures; often with the woman in the center, often erotic motifs and often with a touch of humor. She has a warm, colorful palette. The artworks move into the non-figurative.

With her 40 years of work as an active artist, she has an impressive CV with exhibitions both in Denmark and abroad, including Edinburgh, Toronto, Paris, St. Petersburg, Brussels, Oslo, Regensburg and Tokyo - and now we can also see her in Nysted, where she has just established Atelier Inge Hørup in Adelgade 48.

Inge Hørup has attended the Aarhus Art Academy, and a master's degree with the Danish artist Ulrich Kvist. She grew up in an artistic environment, and had every opportunity to express herself. For a short transition, she studied religion, but encouraged by the painter Ulrik Kvist, she took the leap and became a full-time painter.

Since the early 80s, Hørup has established herself as a recognized artist and in 1993 a documentary film was made about her; Inge Hørup, "A Danish painter". In 1996, she decorated all the front pages of the phone books. Hørup works in his studios in the south of France and in Denmark.

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