Nysted and surroundings Translation:
Lisbeth Hart Hansen
& Eva Carstensen


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14. januar 2017
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Welcome to our website about Nysted and the surrounding area. This site has been founded by “NOF” (Nysted and the surrounding area committee). The objective of the committee, is to insure relevant and up to date information about Nysted and its surroundings.

Nysted is Denmark’s southernmost town. It is located in Nysted bay which was created during the last ice age as a glacial valley. Despite the rest of Lolland being flat the landscape from Nysted towards the northwest of the island is actually relatively hilly. During the Middle Ages Nysted was the King’s centre for managing the eastern part of Lolland. Until the middle of the 1700th century, it was only Nakskov that over shined Nysted in size and importance. But as time went by Nysted lost some of its importance, left was a cosy little town with all its pros and cons.

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  • Nysted Medical Centre: Phone No: 5487 1007 - Open weekly from 8.00-16.00 (Out of hours - Doctor: 7015 0700)
  • Emergencies services: 112
  • Police: 114  
  • Pharmacy: Adelgade 13 - Phone No: 5487 1008 - (Out of hours - phone No: Even weeks phone: 5485 3300 / Uneven weeks phone: 5485 0622)