14. januar 2017
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Aalholm Castle

Aalholm Castle is a 1400 century castle majestically set at the foot of the town of Nysted. Until 1726 it was the centre of royal power on the eastern part of Lolland. This year it was sold to Emerentia von Levetzau, and it stayed in possession of her family until 1995. During this period the castle was rebuild several times, but the original medieval features are still to be seen in its impressive structure. Unfortunately access to the interior of the castle is no longer possible, but there is access to the surrounding wood and park on bicycle and on foot.

Nysted Church

The present building of Nysted Church dates back to approx. 1300. Originally it consisted of a central nave with a three sided apse to the east. 1000 years later an impressive tower was built. In 1643 a spire was added, and in 1935 this was covered by copper. The Raben-Levtzau family of Aalholm Castle had their own chapel built in 1782. A rumour has it that there is a secret underground passage from the castle to the church. It hasn’t been found though…. The church was thoroughly renovated in 1864.

House of Emil Aarestrup

Emil Aarestrup ( 4th December 1800 – 21st Juli 1856) was a Danish medical doctor who wrote timeless love poems. However, his praise of nature and the female body wasn’t acclaimed until after his death. He lived and practiced in Nysted from 1827 to 1838. He was much involved in everyday life of Nysted and became a member of the city council. He associated with the local gentry and was the family doctor at Aalholm. Later he moved to Sakskoebing and Odense – where he died.

His house in Nysted, Adelgade no. 80, is now a museum.


World of the Winds

World of the Winds is an exhibition and experience centre with regards to wind-power. It shows how the great off-shore wind mills were built and how they work. You find the building on the harbour of Nysted. It is owned by Dong-Energy, E-on, and Guldborgsund Municipality.  Admission free.